Essay On Educational Sattelite

Essay On Educational Sattelite

… Admissions Essay
Why to I seek to expand my knowledge, by seeking to enter graduate school in education? Why now, at this juncture of my life and in the educational life of this nation? I believe that currently, the nation is in a state of crisis, in terms of its evolving attitude to education. America hopes to make its students widely competitive in the global marketplace of ideas and the professional, global market of business, yet it also wishes to keep its focus on creativity and individuality in education.
I wish to become a part of the current educational revolution …

… nourishes a child as a unique moral individual. Both are necessary for every individual to truly realize his or her potential in the classroom and in life.
I also know that, having established a sound foundation for my education as an undergraduate, I require a more extensive background in educational theory before I can truly feel confident as a professional educator. Over the course of my graduate education, I hope to receive a sounder background in educational theory, psychology, and educational praxis. I also hope to become a more effective and able administrator, and to use these abilities in my …

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