Essay On Injury Prevention

Essay On Injury Prevention

… the lumen (a cavity or channel) narrows, resulting in reduced circulation in major organs and areas normally supplied by the artery.
Atheromatous lesions are major causes of coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, myocardial infarctions and other cardiac disorders. The pathogenesis of atherosclerosis is unclear; it may be induced by injury to arterial endothelium, the proliferation of smooth muscle in vessel walls or the accumulation of lipids in hyperlipidemia caused by dietary excesses, faulty carbohydrate metabolism or a genetic defect, as in hyperlipidemia type II.
Atherosclerosis usually occurs with aging and is often associated with obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Segments of …

… accelerated atherosclerosis. This quartet is also associated with multiple metabolic toxicities that result in the production of
reactive oxygen species. The reduction-oxidation stress associated with this contributes to the development, progression, and the final outcome of the arterial wall in pre-diabetic and diabetic atheroscleropathy. Thus, the prevention of morbidity and death connected to atherosclerosis can only be dealt with via comprehensive risk reduction strategies.

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