Essay Judaism Christianity

Essay Judaism Christianity

… The Historical Roots of Religious Conflicts
The three major religions in the world, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as well as their adherents (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) have for long periods in history been involved in violent conflicts against each other. This may seem surprising to some due to their common Abrahamic origins (all 3 faiths trace their origins to the Biblical Abraham) and several other similarities such …

… shall briefly examine the historical roots of the conflict, hatred, and war between Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
The oldest religion among the three is Judaism, dating back to more than three thousand years. Christianity grew out of the Jewish religion, initially as a Jewish Sect, about two thousand years ago. Islam too incorporates several practices ofJudaism and recognizes most Biblical figures of Judaism and Christianity such …

… Muslims and Jews were common victims during the “Inquisition” after the defeat of the Moors by Christians when they were forced to convert, killed or exiled from Europe.
As we saw in this essay the three major religions of the world (Judaism,Christianity, and Islam) have an appalling history of conflict, hatred, and wars between them. This is despite the fact that there are no irreconcilable differences …

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