Essay On Marriage In The Sandman

Essay On Marriage In The Sandman

… Mulholland Dr.
The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the film “Mulholland Dr.,” directed by David Lynch. Specifically, it will compare the film with the essay“Babes in Babylon,” by Graham Fuller.
The film “Mulholland Dr.” is everything Fuller says, and more. Viewed only as an art film, the scenes are lush, dramatic, dark, and classic film noir. Just like …

… setting, it is sensual, quirky, weird, and difficult to comprehend in the end. As Fuller concedes, “Given its unpromising beginnings, this lethally perfumed neo-noir may be even more remarkable as a successful marriage of form and subject” (Fuller). In other words, for some unknown reason, the movie works, perhaps because of Lynchs dedication to eccentricity and mystery. It is difficult to discern when the characters …

… do not pay attention in this film, you will be lost early on, and none of the character shifts will make sense (not that they do anyway). Looking at each individual piece of the film, it is difficult to say just why it is a success, and yet, in some strange way, at the end, the viewer is saying “what the heck?” and wanting more. The film …

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