Essay On Neonatal Nursing

Essay On Neonatal Nursing

… My Decision to Pursue a Nursing Degree and Future Career Goals

This is a three page admission letter for acceptance into a Master Degree Program.
A New Career
Like an increasing number of people, I have chosen to pursue a career in a new profession after years in another. I enjoy working with others and for the past seven years have been employed as both a special education teacher and a school counselor in various grade levels throughout middle and high school. My current goal is to pursue an advanced nursing by gaining admittance to the Second Degree BSN/MSN Program at Duquesne University, which may eventually lead to a career as a Family Nurse Practitioner.
Reasons for This Career
There are three main reasons I am pursuing a nursing career:
· I have always desired to work in a profession which is based on working with and serving people. This type of career gives me the greatest joy and I can not imagine being employed in any other type of profession.
· It is important for me to make a tangible difference in other’s lives. My experience with disadvantaged and troubled children has shown me their problems with schedules or …

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