Essay Peter The Great

Essay Peter The Great

… aim of this Tsar act was to stop the peasantsÂ’ movement from their lands to some other ones. This was quite a misfortune on the peasants part as by now they had started to acquire returns for their hard work, but once again, it was evident that gloominess would have …

… so till about 1861.

Russian government in the beginning of the 18th century was fathomed by a campaign, which was instituted by Peter the Great. This campaign had its basic mission in rationalizing the society and apart from that, modernizing the army so that they could easily tackle the European …

… exceptions as well. The people of high social standing as well as businessman and industrialists were not made a part of this poll tax. Peter in addition to introducing the poll tax also extended the powers there were of the tsars and the landlords over their peasants. This obviously meant …

… . Available:
Author Unknown, Russian Revolution Essay 3 May 2003. Available:

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