Essay On Responsibility In Taekwondo

Essay On Responsibility In Taekwondo

… This is a one page essay explaining why I wish to pursue a college education. It discusses how my past and current goal affected interest in continuing my education.
Why I Want to Pursue a College Education
My parents have always instilled in me the value of an education. Knowledge, my mother would say, is the one thing that no one can take away from you. And through the years I have come to realize that she is right. Nothing can replace an education. Its value is limitless. I feel very fortunate that my parents ingrained in me the value …

… there to support me. I have always dreamed of a promising and prosperous career and without an college education my dream can never be fulfilled.
During high school I worked part-time in the service industry and full time during the summer months. This gave me a sense of responsibility and how important it is to set goals for oneself. It also gave me experience in time management and multi-tasking abilities. By observing some of my co-workers, I realized that to achieve my goal of having a professional career, a college education was a necessity.
Pursuing a college …

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