Essay On Second Manifest Destiny

Essay On Second Manifest Destiny

… which he finds unacceptable and unjust:
“Law never made men a whit more just and by means of their respect for it,
even the well-disposed are daily made the agents of injustice.”

(Essay on “Civil Disobedience”)

as he did when he preferred imprisonment to supporting the Mexican Way by paying his poll tax in 1846. In this essay, he showed that men can subvert unjust laws …

… time) and against the Mexican-American War of the same period – an offensive which, to his view, merely displayed arrogance and without any justification (SparkNotes 2002), because of the belief in the “Manifest Destiny” concept behind the conquest of surrounding lands by America.
Thoreau, at that time, shared the growing and gnawing sentiments of a growing number of anti-slavery and anti-war groups, and his essay

… work, and a necessary sequel to it. In promoting libertarianism and

individualism by means of expressing one’s negation to laws he finds unjust and inhuman, it becomes necessary for the person to manifest that disagreement by living outside of that society that disrespects one’s individualism and humanity. In his own case, he decided to leave the society of his time and live in a crude …

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