Essay Taking Orders

Essay Taking Orders

… effective way of saying “no” and a fitting advice to rely on ourselves. He did this through his famous works, “Civil Disobedience” and “Walden.”
“Civil Disobedience” is about showing protest by resisting the orders of the authority being opposed. When authority conflicts with one’s true values, the person has the right and duty to defend his or her conscience, and open rebellion does not have to …

… and most inspiring essay also became a motivation force to civil right activists who fought against racial segregation and racial discrimination in the United States, which Thoreau likewise opposed (MSN Encarta 2002).
This essay evolved to become a historical, political and philosophical landmark and object of admiration by many. In the 940s, it inspired by the Danish in their political actions (Lenat 2002). In 1950s, opponents of …

… There, he lived in utter simplicity and showed through his example that this could be done by those who disapprove the way societies are run.
While in Walden Pond, he supported himself by taking odd jobs, such as gardening, carpentry and surveying, which, in themselves, were nature-based occupations. But he worked only in so far as he needed to survive, because much of the time was …

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