Essay On William Wordsworth I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

Essay On William Wordsworth I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

… A Study of Critical Analyses of William Wordsworth’s Poetry
William Wordsworth was an English poet who became renowned for his Romanticist type of poetry during the 18th- early 19th centuries. Through this time period, Wordsworth have became known for formulating his own theory on poetry, referred to as the “Unconventional Theory of Poetry,” wherein he stated that “poetic truth is the direct experience of the senses ( …

… early 19th century.
Wordsworth’s volumes of collection of poems had been acclaimed and criticized by many scholars and writers of literature, and Matthew Arnold’s and M. H. Abrams’ critical analyses of Wordsworth’s poems brings to the scholar of literature a new form of interpreting and identifying meaning in Wordsworth’s poems, as illustrated in both authors’ analyses. Both authors discuss, interpret, and analyzeWordsworth’ …

… poet an image of a true romanticist with a realistic perception about life and Nature.
M. H. Abrams analysis differs from Arnold’s primarily on the subject matter that he discusses in his essay. While Arnold focused on the merits of Wordsworthian poetry in terms of its ability to reflect on the real life of people and their interaction with nature, Abrams discusses the depiction of individual …

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