Essays Based On An Interview

Essays Based On An Interview

• Social Science African-American Baseline Essay, by John Henrik Clarke
• African and African-American contributions to world music, by Charhee Lawrence-McIntyre (Hilliard & Leonard, 1990).
Some of the primary assertions of the Essays are that:

• Africa was the world center of culture and learning in antiquity. Ancient Greece largely derived its culture from blacks.
• Ramses and King Tut were black. Aesop was probably black. Cleopatra was …

… black youngsters prepare for jobs or fit into the wider society (Leo, 1990, p. 26).
An objection to the Afrocentric curriculum is that many of the materials are historically inaccurate. Some materials are based on the conclusions that the culture and population of ancient Egypt were predominantly African and that ancient Greece derived much of its culture from Egypt. Leo reported that classical scholars believe these generalizations …

… 247). Berkeley, CA: Cobb and Henry.
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