Essays Children With Eating Disorders

Essays Children With Eating Disorders

… the article, “The Beauty Myth and Female Consumers: The Controversial Role of Advertising,” it discusses how consumers are worried about the role of advertisers in the relationship to the many eating disorders that Americans suffer with. Research shows that Americans who are obese suffer with a variety of problems including low self-esteem and poor body awareness. Americans are preoccupied with food. In fact, most American women …

… the questions that might be asked:
• Do you feel Barbie dolls have an affect upon how you feel about your appearance?
• Do you feel that Barbie dolls add to the problems in eating disorders?
• Why are you choosing to buy a Barbie doll?
• Should Barbie dolls be outlawed?
• Does the Barbie doll play an important role in American society?
The research question can be written with observation …

… and parents while they do the observations. Totaling the surveys from the Mall and from the colleges should give an overall correct percentage concerning people’s views about Barbie dolls. The surveys for children should be simple questions, such as:
• Are Barbie dolls important in play?
• Does Barbie dolls affect the way you choose to dress?
• Are you satisfied with the way you look?
• Do you feel …

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