Essays Effects Of Consumerism

Essays Effects Of Consumerism

… ). In 1970, Brzezinski ‘predicted a ‘more controlled and directed society’ would gradually appear, linked to technology…dominated by an elite group which impresses voters by allegedly superior scientific know-how” ( Brzezinski “wrote about use of power-beaming transmitters for geophysical and environmental warfare…effects might be caused, and the negative effects on human heath and thinking” ( Today this technology exists with HAARP, the government’s High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program based in Alaska (
Skinner was the first to put Huxley’s …

… happiness. Brzezinski warned of a technologically controlled society. Today citizens are video taped everywhere they go, satellites monitor the entire globe and we will have the technology in a few short years to conduct warfare with laser beams. Whether the authors were geniuses or intuitives, their work, novels and essays, should serve as a warning and wake-up call to society of the possible consequences of living in a high-tech world.
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http …

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