Essays On Feminism In 1970

Essays On Feminism In 1970

An Evolution of the Women’s Liberation Movement

… 20th century feminism swept through North America in two separate waves. The first wave was led by women such as Susan B. Anthony, and secured for women the right to vote. Modern American feminism emerged in the 1960’s, and the resultant Women’s Liberation Movement began as a radical and aggressive effort to revolutionize society’s treatment of women. It did so by challenging male-dominated ideals, redefining domestic violence, securing reproductive rights, and generally bringing a greater sense of gender equity to North American society. In the three decades since, the Movement has been represented by many different …

… . The passage of Roe vs. Wade characterized this time, marking a growing sense of enthusiasm and passion for women’s basic reproductive rights. Brownmiller tracks the emergence of this sentiment, noting the appearance of such leaders as Betty Friedan, Kate Millett and Gloria Steinem on the feminist scene. In 1970, Ladies Home Journal, though a women’s magazine, was at the time written mostly by men. Angry readers and fervent feminists organized themselves and led a sit-in protest, refusing to leave the office of the male editor for more than eleven hours.
After much television publicity, and more than …

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