Essays On Global Marketing

Essays On Global Marketing

… or retail management. For example, the sales manager at Banana Republic is concerned with increasing profits by adequate product selection, monitoring the supply chain and promoting the product and the brand name. Marketing analysis on the other hand draws upon ones analytical skills in order to obtain information, analyze the information and make a decision based upon the data gathered. Within the field of marketing analysis positions as market researchers, purchasing managers, distribution analysts, inventory managers, product/brand managers, price analysts, competitive analysts, or similar professionals await new grads. A career in international marketing awaits those who seek to have a business in marketing on a global scale. International marketing can involve any one of the areas mentioned above.

My interest in business marketing derives from the fact that the field is so diverse and there are many different career options for a marketing graduate. Many majors lead to only a few career options, which becomes frustrating if one decides to take a different career path. However, with a degree in marketing the opportunities are endless. Another reason why business marketing is an attractive major is because it is a skill that is expected to be in demand in coming …

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