Essays On Life Is Beautiful By Roberto Benigni

Essays On Life Is Beautiful By Roberto Benigni

… a study of the critical analyses of Arnold and Abrams, the researcher will prove the stance that Matthew Arnold’s perspective shows that Wordsworthian poetry is a reflection of Wordsworth’s value to life and its relation with Nature, while Abrams perspective shows the expression of feelings and thoughts of the writer (Wordsworth) in poetry. These two perspectives, reflection and expression of life and thoughts and feelings, …

… and reflect aspects of people’s lives into his poems qualifies Wordsworth to the status of Arnold’s definition of a “great poet”: “the greatness of a poet lies in his powerful and beautiful application of ideas to life,–to the question: How to live” (707). Arnold’s perception of Wordsworthian poetry as a form of reflection of ‘living’ one’s life was exemplified by the poems …

… made him become one of the Western literature’s greatest poets of all time.
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