Essays Poland Post Communist

Essays Poland Post Communist

… is located in north-central Europe. There have been few changes during the last two centuries on the western border with France, Belgium, and The Netherlands, but the border in the east with Poland has been redrawn several times in the same period and now lies along the Oder and Neisse rivers
The population of Germany is about 78 million people. About 84 percent of Germans live …

… top ranking in womens tennis and a year later won the first Grand Slam since 1970. Sports were used by the East German government to gain international recognition. In the 1960s young Communist athletes began to win medals in a variety of sports–most notably track and field, swimming, and winter games. Their achievements were sometimes tarnished by criticism for the use of drugs like anabolic …

… are in the Ruhr cities of Essen, Dortmund, and Duisburg as well as in Mannheim, Magdeburg, Chemnitz, Kassel, Solingen, Berlin, and Leipzig.
Postal and telecommunications services are managed by the federal government. The post office also runs a savings bank and maintains a service of post buses, which carry passengers as well as mail. Television and radio stations are financed by individual states, and programs often reflect …

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