Essays On Portrayal Of Marriage In Othello

Essays On Portrayal Of Marriage In Othello

… is unrequited by the woman for a long time before she ultimately succumbs. We see reflections of this concept in conservative circles where the idea of ‘courtship’ as a precursor to marriage is preferred over traditional dating; a book called “The Rules” was published several decades ago that instructed women on how to play ‘hard to get.’
In that jelousy ultimately destroyes Desdemona and Othello, Shakespeare’s portrayal of love is ultimately a tale of how people shouldn’t behave when they are in love. The way that the ill-fated couple conduct themselves before they leave Venice is essentially …

… marry her: Do you intend it?” and Cassio merely laughs at the prospect of marrying one who would whore herself for “bread and clothes;” Iago notes that “tis the strumpets plague to beguile many and be beguild by one.” (Act 4, scene 1) In the example of Othello and Desdemona, we see fault found with Othello in that he is too jealous, however in the case of Bianca and Cassius, Bianca is found to be too easy: Cassio comments “This is the monkeys own giving out: she is persuaded I will marry her, out of her own …

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