Essays On Solon S Reforms Athens

Essays On Solon S Reforms Athens

Examines ideas of justice in this ancient text.

… freedom of the individual was completely suppressed, since the entire life of a Spartan male (from the age of seven to sixty) was forcefully devoted to the army. Even the women were trained to become healthy mothers of warrior sons. All in all, Sparta became the most formidable military power but remained backward culturally and economically.

Athens, on the other hand, evolved from a state ruled by a council of nobles to a system, which instituted middle-of-the road reforms, heeding the cry for reform from the lower classes. Solon, today regarded for his wise statesmanship, instituted a system that encouraged opportunity for equal prosperity through economic development and granting common people important rights, if not equality. Though Athens went through much turmoil and change from Solon¬ís reforms to the tyrannical rule of Pisistratus, who promoted commerce and aided the commoners by banishing the nobles and redistributing their land, and finally the constitutional reforms instituted by Cleisthenes that finally destroyed all power of the nobility, it was Athens to whom the modern world owes the system of democracy. To that extent, I would choose to live in Athens since it was a state that was open to reform …

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