Ethical Dilemna Time Travel Hitler Essay Example

Ethical Dilemna Time Travel Hitler Essay Example

… brings great pain, unhappiness, grief and fear to many different layers of society. It does not help society in any way. It is an inexcusable act. This line of thinking appeals to an ethical theory called utilitarianism, which measures morality by calculating the good or bad consequences of an action. Utilitarianism is based entirely on the consequences of an act—actions are right if they tend to …

… year-old child is seen through this view, as having no utilitarian good at all, and doing only harm to society at all levels.
This position would change if the child were Adolf Hitler—but only if one could assume that Adolf Hitler’s future history was going to be exactly as it turned out to be in reality. If nothing about Adolf Hitler’s life was …

… and we cannot know the future, therefore, we never know what any child is going to become, and this question does not actually shed light on utilitarianism (at least, until physicists invent a time machine).

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