Ethical Issues That Al Dunlap S Management Essay Example

Ethical Issues That Al Dunlap S Management Essay Example

… Susan is in a position where she must take an ethical stance, but she must also maintain her job and make realistic changes in the organization. In order to do this she is going to have to cerate a team spirit and adapt to the organization while showing the organization that just meeting legal standards of ethical behavior is not enough. She is only going to …

… might not have to be blatantly fraudulent. It may only be necessary to imply that mouth wash product has the ability to fight disease to determine that an advertisement is deceptive. Thus, law doesnt always serve to simply ethical issues.
Government regulations may also serve to simply the ethical decision making process within an organization. Rulings on price competition, unsafe products, and discrimination have all established …

… more money and have more community goodwill by doing things the way that she suggests. However, it is too soon to do that
Susan has to earn the trust of the employees and management and she has to show credibility and not quit her job or order peel around, By doing things this way it is going to be possible for her to reach out to others …

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