Ethical Issues In Leadership Essay

Ethical Issues In Leadership Essay

… is clear that she is not going to be able to get her own way when she works with this company and this means that she is going to have to change her leadership style or she is not going to be able to get what she desires from this company.
Ethical Considerations
There are a variety of ethical considerations that present themselves in this case. It …

… in which there can be a long-term benefit. By making the change this company could be using utilitarianism and or Kants ideal and it would be serving itself much better. Even ethical egoism shows that it is not appropriate for this organization to contuse to do what it is doing.
Ethical egoism says we only act in our self interest. This organization would be not …

… going to agree that this should be the world that we live in and the company should see this and not continue to do things the way that it is doing them.
Leadership Issues
There are also a variety of leadership and cultural issues that are involved in the problems that are going on in this organization. It seems that Susan was in the military and she …

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