Ethics In Healthcare Essay Sample

Ethics In Healthcare Essay Sample

… (including legal, ethical, and belief-based), a way to distribute directives concerning action plans for when ethical issues arise (and a write-up on how to identify those situations), a compelling patient-education policy, a way to evaluate staff knowledge about ethics, and the legal aspects of ethics in healthcare, and an advertising campaign to attract new patients.

The second problem area has to do with “ethical issues.” They include the lack of staff support in belief/ethical decisions made by patients, lack of patient concern for hospital policies, a clash between patient/doctor vs. the hospital, and a problem …

… probably in a great state of inefficiency.
Some concrete impact issues include insufficient patient base, incompatibility of some hospital policies with current legal requirements (the issue with the baby), staff-patient problems, and doctor/patient vs. hospital issues.


The hospital will implement these changes in communication, organization, and ethics-related education. The benefits of these changes will result in significant positive change for the hospital, not the least of which will be the acquisition of a wider patient base (which is of major concern right now), the reduction of medical error, the reduction in non-hospital policy decisions, and …

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