Ethnic Profiling Immigrants Essay Example

Ethnic Profiling Immigrants Essay Example

… contributions to the arenas of business and industry, perhaps because as outsiders they were able to create and institute innovations that those who were more assimilated were not able to contribute.
An assimilationist model of the place that immigrants should have in America society has worked less well when immigrants to this country were more clearly different from the social and cultural norm of the majority of Americans already living here. Certainly, black African slaves cannot be said to have integrated themselves happily into the extant U.S. population during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. The model of assimilation …

… lose their distinctiveness to become like the social majority but rather that each one of us can act in essentially bicultural ways, participating in the larger culture (in which assimilation does occur and we do become more like each other) as well as in the culture of our particular ethnic, religious, gender, and professional groups.
Whether the nation currently values assimilation over multiculturalism, or multiculturalism over assimilation, whether its immigration policies are in a restrictive or an open-door phase, immigrants have always contributed to and shaped the economy of our nation, although those contributions have been shaped in many …

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