Eu Foreign Policy Essay Sample

Eu Foreign Policy Essay Sample

… EU, to guarantee wealth on the continent, and to encourage peace, democracy and development within the international community.
In the late 1800s, British foreign policy was also one of aggressive imperialism. No longer dominating the sea and faced with increasing hostilities between France and Russia in the 1890s, British foreign policy makers sought an alliance with the German Empire. Today, GB occupies a powerful role in the EU and is closest of all EU countries in the relationship with the U.S. and an understanding of U.S. policy. Following 9/11, the country demonstrated strong support of American initiatives …

… once the military task is completed.
In 1891, a Russian delegation was shown a secret alliance by the German government that Germany had established with Austria-Hungary. Russia took it as an insult and the 1892/1894 Franco-Russian Alliance was signed. This became the foundation of Russian foreign policy for the next 20 years. Meanwhile, the British kept an eye on Russian expansion, realizing that China could not be counted on to stop Russia¬ís imperialistic moves. Russia was a political factor counterbalancing Japan. Currently, Russia¬ís priority is to provide security and create and most favorable condition for …

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