Euphemism Disadvantage Essay Example

Euphemism Disadvantage Essay Example

… This paper argues that euphemisms from schools to parents on report cards doe not help the student. Good for basic class.
For Parent interviews and Report Cards

In many cases a euphemism will be employed to avoid hurting another persons feelings. For example, there is apparently no logical reason to tell a parent that his son a liar and bully and arouse his emotions. These negative stereotypes and labels will inflame the parent and make the communication process much more difficult, but at the same time the use of euphemisms can cause problems. Communications may be misunderstood or not heard at all. Terence Moran gives a creative list of euphemisms to be employed by teachers when talking to parents about their children so that the parents wont be offended, but the use of these euphemisms to save feelings may create more problems than they prevent.
In his first example Moran suggests that the phrase “does all right if pushed” should be replaced with “accomplishes tasks when interest is stimulated.” While no parent wants to hear that his child has to be pushed, the euphemism employed to avoid making this statement really doesnt …

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