European Underage Drunk Drivers Essay Sample

European Underage Drunk Drivers Essay Sample

… . They have pressure coming at them from every angle, so they feel that alcohol will help them forget about their problems.
So far, zero tolerance is the best tool in fighting against underage drinking and driving. The United States Department of Transportation reported a thirty-three percent drop in underage drinking and driving since the law went into effect. Zero tolerance laws provide for different policies regarding underage drivers because of their increased crash risk at low BAC levels. More 18- and 19-year-olds die in low BAC alcohol-related crashes than any other age group. Penalties for violating …

… include license suspension and revocation, significant fines and community service.
Public awareness has also been another great contributor to help fight against juveniles driving under the influence. MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) has played the biggest role in this. Every year, they spend millions of dollars from donators around the country to put ads in newspapers, magazines and on television. Several of their goals are to help young drivers make the right decision when it comes to drinking and driving, to help parents get involved, and to get drunk drivers off the street. Now they are getting all of the …

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