Evolution Of Man Summary Essay Example

Evolution Of Man Summary Essay Example

… Meeting Jesus for the First Time
Summary: This is a 2 page paper on Marcus J. Borg’s book Meeting Jesus for the First Time.

It is rightly said that all religious believers tend to create a heroic figure out of their prophets, a man often of divine ancestry and one who is able to transcend the barriers of time and space. Thus to an extent religious believers are idolatrous and no other example is better than Christianity and the figure of Christ. All Christian worship is a response to a worshipers image of Jesus. Jesus in the history …

… these images connect the believers to a mythic figure and isolates them from the real Jesus.

Borg in his book attempts a historical investigation of the persona of Jesus and also writes about his own evolving ideas of who Jesus really was. He examines the scholarly and popular religious evolution of Jesus public image and also takes into consideration the effects of historical figure of Jesus on the contemporary age and images of Jesus. Borgs central theme throughout the book is that some of the issues in Christian life is not believing in God or believing in the Bible …

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