The Execution Of Lady Jane Gre Essay Sample

The Execution Of Lady Jane Gre Essay Sample

… love her despite her shortcomings in life. The novel was adapted into a movie, and its story has many parallelisms in Jane Austen’s novel, “Sense and Sensibility.” This classic novel by Austen shares similarities in the plot and characteristics of the main character of the story, and Fielding herself admitted that some of the events and characters in her novel were inspired from Austen’s writings, particularly her famous novel “Pride and Prejudice.” Both novels depict the lives of Bridget (“Bridget Jones’s) and Marianne (“Sense and Sensibility”), and their quest for true love and happiness. This paper will …

… proof and reiteration for the analysis/comparative statements.
When Bridget had broken up with Daniel after she discovered his unfaithfulness, Bridget resigned from her post in Cleaver’s office and assumed a job as newscaster for a TV station. Meanwhile, Marianne, after learning of Willoughby’s pending marriage to Lady Grey, had succumbed to loneliness, which eventually led to her sickness: “Poor Marianne, languid and low from the nature of her malady, and feeling herself universally ill, could no longer hope that tomorrow would find her recovered…” This difference shows how Bridget’s character is portrayed as stronger relative to …

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