Exploring Marketing And Strategy Essay

Exploring Marketing And Strategy Essay

Every company creates a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure a smooth flow of business activity from the time a product was conceived, produced, distributed in the market until it has finally achieved its goal. It requires a thorough and careful analysis on how to come up with an effective plans and actions in which can clearly outline the company’s objectives and achieve customer satisfaction.

The availability of quality resources at times may prove to be limited thus, it’s just proper to include this as a priority in the planning stage. The human resources is one vital factor since it includes the labor force where all other resources evolves having a hands-on access to all other resources. The proper allocation and distribution of resources though limited in nature should be carefully planned and used according to its need, availability and priority. Some effective marketing plans of a company include advertisements, product campaigns, competitive pricing and dissemination of product information. These were just some of the many actions needed to introduce a product in the market and get the pulse of the buying public.

A marketing plan, like a business plan, is unique to the company it serves. There are few hard and fast rules that guide its creation and implementation. A marketing plan needs to be as flexible as its market allows and as firm as is required to accomplish its goals. (www.studyMARKETING.org July 10, 2009)

Product marketing varies depending on the target market of a company that requires a constant study of every possible changes that may set it during the course of planning and implementation of strategic actions. Achieving the end result, can only be realized once product met all the required factors in attaining a positive return of investment and consumer satisfaction. If certain business humps will be encountered an option should always be made available even during the first stage of planning. A good business does not only focus on the profit but also in the quality of its product and market acceptance assuring of product longevity.

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