Federal Resume – content and structure

Federal Resume – content and structure

A lot of people want to take up federal jobs i.e. jobs with the Central Government. They are popular because of the stability in these jobs, the prestige associated with them and the facilities available to federal employees. When applying for a federal job, the usual mode of application is submitting a federal resume and this is usually specified in the advertisement itself. There are different kinds of federal jobs like military, IT, accounting, legal and research jobs.

A federal resume is very different from the resumes written for jobs in the private sector. They have to be written in a specific manner and use of flowery language which is not backed by the required education, experience or skills will fail to cut ice. The person short listing the resumes will just match all the information you give with the requirements of the job.

What should a federal resume contain?

  • Job particulars:

    At the beginning of the federal resume, you have to mention the job which you are applying for i.e. the title, job number, grade and name of the department.

  • Personal data:

    Next you should write your full name, social security number, temporary and permanent addresses, your contact numbers and email address.

  • Education information:

    You have to write down the year of passing, name of institution, subject of specialization and names of your high school and college or university. Don’t fail to mention your academic scores.

  • Work Experience in detail:

    Functional resumes will not do while applying for jobs in the government. You have to write a chronological resume with the names of companies and institutions worked for, dates of joining and leaving and the positions held at all the jobs. The names of your supervisors at each job and your actual job responsibilities have to be mentioned in federal resumes.

  • Any other skills and qualifications:

    If you have done any other course or learnt a skill which can add value to the job you are applying for, do not fail to put it down in your resume.

You can download resume templates available on various websites or even use a  resume wizard which helps you to prepare your resume step by step. However governments have a set procedure for short listing resumes which you will not be aware of. For your federal resume to click and lead you to that much coveted job in the government, the resume should be prepared by people who have worked as federal government employees.

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