The Fifth Child Essay Sample

The Fifth Child Essay Sample

… . To kill a four-year-old child is to kill the young sprig before it becomes a tree. In addition, children are generally innocent and bring joy to adults—how many times have you seen an adult smile or laugh over the spontaneous whimsy and joy of a little child? Moreover, parents love their children so deeply that it has often been said that there is no greater tragedy than the loss of one’s own child. Many parents who lose their children say they wish they could have died instead of their own child. To lose a little child …

… , then killing him as a four-year-old child would spare the world enormous suffering, and would save the lives of six million Jews, as well as the thirteen million children who died during World War II in occupied countries. However, we cannot change history—and we cannot know the future, therefore, we never know what any child is going to become, and this question does not actually shed light on utilitarianism (at least, until physicists invent a time machine).

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