Fish Cheeks vs. Champion of the World Essay

Fish Cheeks vs. Champion of the World Essay

Culture and race have ways of defining the lives of people. For the longest time, people have learned to associate certain physical characteristics and actions with different kinds of people. No matter how hard we try to accept the things and circumstances, there are still numerous ideologies that come in contrast to our own beliefs.

The texts, “Champion of the World” and “Fish Eye” were clear manifestations of how society reacted to their current ideologies and beliefs. “Champion of the World” exhibited how the African Americans were treated unfairly during the 1930’s. The African Americans were placed at the bottom of the society, and were discriminated accordingly. Their thoughts and feelings were never taken into consideration, nor were they given enough privilege to prove themselves worthy in society.

“Fish Eye”, on the other hand, showed the numerous advancements and changes associated with the Chinese culture. Indulging in change was normal for them, but it was important to stay grounded to who they really were. Tradition and practices were important factors in the Chinese culture and must given much credit regardless of where a Chinese individual may be. I consider this as a good sign for change, for the Chinese were not clingy towards their culture, and embrace change that is applicable to their growth as individuals.

I believe that all people experience discrimination some time in their lives. I remember having to walk down the streets in the United States unaware of what I was doing. Sometimes, my actions would surprise the Americans, for these were not part of their culture. However, I believe that these certain actions distinguished me from the rest of the crowd.

From what has been shown, I believe that these two narratives were impressive and should be recommended. “Champion of the World” was an impressive narrative, for it was able to show a picture of what happened during the 1930’s. Reading the narrative would allow the readers to have a glimpse of what is happening, and at the same time, make them feel the emotions that the people at that time experienced. This particular idea also came in support to what “Fish Cheeks” had to offer. Although both texts were focused on racism, each text showed a different side that was unknown to the other. For example, “Fish Cheeks” showed how acceptance to change would benefit culture, while the manner in which “Champion of the World” was delivered showed how suffering could lead to recognition.

Words are words. The only difference that makes them stand out from the rest is how they are delivered. This is where narratives stand out and become effective in the field of writing.

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