A Flat Organizational Structure Essay

A Flat Organizational Structure Essay

… high-achieving environment rather than one based on being comfortable.
Leakos is also a transactional leader, which is a leader who focuses on the needs of employees, clarifies roles and tasks and provides structure for employees. This is also suited to the unskilled workforce that require structure and to have tasks defined for them. Again, a higher skilled workforce would have more need to be independent and …

… that communication between employees is informal and open, with employees communicating as a team or a community rather than via any specific channels.
Case Study: Action Realty Inc.
The organizational structure is flat, though the structure is not particularly clear on who reports to who. The accounting and clerical personnel report directly to Marie. All the other employees report to Harvey and Paul, though who is …

… a confusion over who is responsible for what, especially in regards to employees not having a clear view of who they should speak to about certain problems. This is a problem where the organizational structure is not clearly defined. In this case, it is not the few layers of management that is the problem, but rather the confusing nature of management.
The span of control is also …

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