Fords Global Marketing Strategies Essay

Fords Global Marketing Strategies Essay

… information technologies… and free market forces” (Microsoft Encarta 2002).
Applied in economics and the business environment, the concept of globalization is mainly anchored towards the integration of domestic and international markets. With the integration of both the international and domestic markets, companies try to come up and formulate some strategies that that will encourage domestic and foreign consumers to purchase a well-known brand of product. These strategies include the following characteristics: (1) Product is the same in all countries; (2) Centralized control in the company’s activities; (3) Effectiveness of differences between countries are small; and (4) Advantages of …

… This global strategy is the most dominant and prevalent form that companies adopt nowadays since it allows accessibility and familiarity about a company’s product line and services. Thus, call or contact centers are an example of a global strategy that is consumer- and services-oriented, objectives that reflect the effects of globalization in business and economics.

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