Foreign Investment Case Studies Essay Sample

Foreign Investment Case Studies Essay Sample

… wages were raised by an average of thirty percent
§ Domestic trade of food products was liberalized
§ Consumer price subsidies for maize were eliminated.
§ The Own-Fund Import Scheme, which allowed imports purchased with foreign currency deposited abroad was initiated.

However, the measures did not have a significant impact on overall economic performance. As international organizations increased their pressure on the Tanzanian government, President Nyerere resigned and was …

… emphasized fiscal performance measures and structural reforms such as:
§ Building administrative capacity for improving development management
§ Maintaining a stable fiscal stance and using public resources more efficiently
§ Promoting the private sector by deregulating investment and divesting parastatals
§ Providing greater support for primary education and basic health care
§ Supporting the development of basic infrastructure, especially rural agricultural development
§ Restructuring the financial sector to respond to the needs of …

… Reform Impresses IMF”, (, Available: (Accessed: 2003, March 16).

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