Forensic Psychology Paper

Forensic Psychology Paper

… mixtures of chemicals. Chemistry is an important part of our daily habits. Even in some of the professions, chemistry plays an important role. In my job of arson, fire, and explosives’ investigation for instance, understanding of chemistry is essential to find evidences for the resolution of these cases.

This paper aims to discuss the importance of chemistry in arson, fire, and explosives’ investigation. From time to time, examples of investigation steps will be mentioned to point the use of chemistry in the process.

Forensic Chemistry

Forensic Chemistry is an essential science in the investigation of criminal cases. Often, criminals have …

… any investigation are important for chemical testing to build facts about a case. The role of chemistry and the duties of the forensic analyst go hand in hand in aiding mysteries and unknown causes of a particular crime. It is not only in the resolution of a case that forensic chemistry plays a vital role. It also helps in reducing the potentiality of crime.

Tracing evidences with the application of various chemical examinations is a big factor that shows and provides elements of a particular crime. Without chemistry, many crimes would still have been unresolved today. As how chemistry is …

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