Foreshadowing In The Picture Of Dorian G Essay Sample

Foreshadowing In The Picture Of Dorian G Essay Sample

… Joyce Carol Oates sees “The Picture of Dorian Gray” as a revelation as to another side of Wilde; one that questioned the aestheticism professed by Lord Henry and other characters in the novel. She claims that the book evokes Faust and the devil, as the portrait of Dorian Gray was surely evil and the aesthetic beauty of Dorian corrupted by demonic influence. In this light, A Picture

… beauty, Basil sewed the seeds of his own fate.
To Oates, the book is more than a simple morality play, and borrows on the rich literary tradition of Milton and others. Basil plays the role of a ‘devil’ character, not in that he is evil (Lord Henry plays the role of the tempter) but rather in that he is able to invoke unearthly powers. These powers are …

… Whereas the Shakers and others that that consumption connoted a sexual act, one can conceive of a pre-fall Adam and Eve engaging in innocent, animalistic sex. Such is not the case with Dorian. Adam and Eve’s transference was a transformative one that did not result in their ultimate destruction; indeed, it is a creation story.Dorian’s sexual self-cogniscence, however, was a perversion of …

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