Forgiving My Father Lucille Clinton Essay Example

Forgiving My Father Lucille Clinton Essay Example

… even more alarming than the fall in stock prices. After its raising the interest rate last year, it has cut it again at the last two meetings. So far, Americans have been relatively forgiving of the Bush Administration’s handling of the economy because the dampened rate of inflation has been able to provide financial compensation in some measure for lowered rates of returns on investments (although …

… the Department of Labor that unemployment has reached close to nine percent nationwide. With inflation at 8 percent for September, the economic signs are far worse now than they were for Bush’s father.
Certainly a number of issues contributed to the defeat of the elder Bush, but the economy was the most important. It may well prove to be the deadly iceberg for the Titanic administration …

… is more important than reality. The 1980s had Ronald Reagan as President and a Democratic Congress, and was characterized by an economic policy dubbed “Reagonomics.” Most of the 1990s had Bill Clinton as President and a Republican Congress and most people will use the term Clintons economy.
The empirical evidence currently supports the idea that the president gets some credit. Certainly voters know that the …

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