Four Disciplines Lead To Fifth Essay Example

Four Disciplines Lead To Fifth Essay Example

… differ in their practice. In a complex situation, one may rely on his intuition when providing a solution while one may perform careful reasoning before coming up with an answer. Intuition may not lead to right results because it merely depends on one’s feeling of what may be right. It’s dependent to the word “maybe”. However, reason may take a lot of effort but using …

… shared vision is built in team learning, while team learning is supported by personal mastery and mental models. Systems thinking on the other hand is an integration of the four disciplines. If interrelated, all the five disciplines will comprise an effective learning organization.


Peter Senge has shared a lot of good ideas in the Fifth Discipline. It would be an inspiring and informative source from which …

… aspires a common goal. The five disciplines Senges imparts, if combined and interrelated together, can revolutionize the traditional management schemes of an organization into a learning organization that builds the same goal.

The Fifth Discipline highlights the need for improving and developing an organization. The book shares the methods of achieving this through the concept of its four disciplines and the discipline of systematic thinking. Senge’s …

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