Frankenstein Victor Monster Similarities Essay

Frankenstein Victor Monster Similarities Essay

… around her in some fashion. So we can see from the very early pages of her novel, Frankenstein, that the issue of parenting and its portrayal will be closely related to Shelley’s own experiences.
Indeed, the issue of paternity was a severely important one indeed for Mary Shelley. Of particular note in the novel is the virtual—if not total—absence of strong female characters. All of them seem to die, and are therefore unable to perform their maternal role:
Victors mother dies while he is at university in Ingolstadt. His stepsister and fiancée, Elizabeth, is orphaned …

… after Mary Wollstonecrafts death . . .
Again, we see here an identification of Mary Shelley herself with the story’s major events. At the novel ends, Victor Frankenstein, the novel’s father figure is about to die, just as Mary Shelley’s mother did. And the birth of the Monster is associated with Mary’s own birth. Hence, again we see Mary’s own history, paternity, and biography are deeply wrapped up within the facts and events that the novel presents. Indeed, however, the influence of real-world events on the composition is famous, especially as it was inspired by …

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