Fred D Aguiar Nightmare Essay

Fred D Aguiar Nightmare Essay

… its story even after it aired and GM made it clear that what the news program, had done was completely , if not totally false. However, NBC knew the power of television and was not afraid to use it no matter how it manipulated what happened and this created a nightmare for the program.
Television is the quintessential form of media. Cross (1983) calls it “the most awesome godless force…” (p. 1) in the modern world . “Surveys indicate that the average American watches about six hours of television per day” (Bergreen 1980, pg. 56). In sum, in America communication is big …

… entertaining and being informative it will opt for the entertainment factor that will keep the bucks rolling in, the advertisers happy, and the station on the air.
Television news is the news that fits or more accurately, news that gets ratings and holds an audience. It is nothing more. Fred Friendly said, “What the American people dont know cant kill them ” (Cross 1983, p. 57), but maybe H.L. Mencken put it better, “What ails the truth is that its mainly uncomfortable and often dull. The human mind seeks something more amusing and more caressing” (Herzog 1973, p …

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