Frederick Douglas Narrative Chapter 10 Summary

Frederick Douglas Narrative Chapter 10 Summary

… south in the 1950s.
The system of organization I have selected will provide a clearly defined method of comparison in style, approach, research methodology, and other tools used by each writer. A summary provides personal conclusions as to readability, ease of comprehension, and timely application found in each work.

Shays Rebellion – David P. Szatmary Celia, a Slave – Melton A. McLaurin
Literary Style: Historical, Doctoral Dissertation …

… timeline organization
Concept Development: used well-documented historical fact to build a dissertation-style narrative Concept Development: used human forensics, some well-documented historical fact, and deductive reasoning to build a prose-like narrative
Synopsis: American tradition of individual rights and local controls coming from an unlikely but very effective faction of society Synopsis: A sensitive but historical rendering of the sexual abuse, homicidal rage, surprising legal …

… to speak up against the atrocities they witnessed daily to the horrors of being held as property to be disposed of at will. His work leads us down another path to understanding a chapter in American history that is both compelling and repulsive simultaneously.
Szatmary did a comprehensive, detailed, and solidly research job when writing about the Anti-Federalist movement and the resultant tradition of individual rights …

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