Fredrick Douglass Fourth Of July Essay Example

Fredrick Douglass Fourth Of July Essay Example

… was a source of great anxiety, tension, and divisiveness in the American political system of Clay’s era. Other citizens could not ignore the fact that an ostensibly free nation would allow some of its own citizens to be enslaved under the rule of law. From the lectures of Fredrick Douglass to the armed insurrection of John Brown, the fact that the Union could not continue as a nation half free and half enslaved was a perpetual source of political tension. Thus, even if “Negroes” did not have an equal “part” in the political system of the day, their individual …

… system of the day, as it might be defined, “Negroes” were clearly part of the politics of the day. They played a role because slavery was an issue that was discussed and debated by politicians, they played a role in the form of voices of free men such as Douglass who protested his peoples’ fates, and ultimately as political forces that would shaped the unions future.

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