Freelancing Mistakes to Avoid

Freelancing Mistakes to Avoid

Freelance writers are a dime a dozen. With that type of competition out there, it is imperative that freelancers dedicate time and effort into making their writing business the best it can be. However, even the most experienced and dedicated freelance writers make mistakes. Here are some examples of freelancing mistakes that could cost you a client.

Poor Communication

Freelance work is mostly done from a home office. Rarely will there be face to face communication or meetings. The bulk of the communication will happen over email or web chat. Poor communication skills could mean disaster for a freelancer and a client who only communicate electronically. Asking questions, reiterating expectations, and providing regular status updates are essential elements when it comes to keeping a client happy.


Many freelance authors do not employ the use of contracts when they first start out. Not using a contract is an easy way to ensure that a client rips you off. A contract is also great for spelling out, in detail, what the project expectations are so that there can be no miscommunication between the two parties. A standard freelance contract should include deadline dates, payment offer, detailed description of the project, and publishing rights.


With freelance writing, deadlines are a focal point for clients. Whether you are writing for a blog, submitting a piece for publication or updating a client’s web content, the client’s deadline is one of the most important aspects of the entire freelance job. Not respecting, and meeting, deadlines on a consistent basis will lose clients.

Low Quotes

Freelancers, as many other self employed people do, tend to undervalue their work. Offering more work for less pay is no way to run a successful business. Freelance writers need to stay on top of trends in their industry and keep track of what the standard rate of payment is for each. Offering to take on new work for less than the competition may sound like a great idea to win new work, but this type of settlement will hold you back and possibly cause clients to believe you are not as skilled or experienced as you better paid peers.

Understanding Personal Limitations

The easiest and quickest way to make money freelancing is to take on more work. More clients and more projects will increase the bottom line. However, it is best to keep on eye on scheduling and understand, realistically, just how much you can do. Overpromising will only cause a freelancer to become stressed, miss deadlines and eventually lose clients.

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