Freelancing – Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Freelancing – Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool

Considering the fact that there seems to be very few people who are yet to buy a tablet, there can be little wonder as to why social media platforms are such a hit. There are millions of Facebook users, many of them with Facebook pages promoting their own businesses. Twitter is rampant with tweets and followers. Blogs have gotten no less popular and are entering a realm where even stay at home moms can make a living just by posting about their lives on a regular basis. So, how do freelance writers capitalize on the popularity of social media websites to find more work?


A freelance author has the capability of creating their own Facebook page for professional purposes. The trick with this is finding clients willing to ‘Like’ the page and keeping the page interesting and current. Facebook probably works best by getting involved in groups who have an interest in freelancing. These groups could easily share tips, advice and even work amongst each other. Finding groups filled with potential clients, such as bloggers, could give the freelancer an advantage if people from the group announced they need to look into hiring a freelance writer.


This social media site is a powerful tool, but only for people who use it regularly. Updating Twitter with freelancing news, job opportunities and useful links will generate followers. The more followers, the more potential for new work is generated. Twitter also works as a way to connect freelancers which could also turn into new work if the community shares work with one another.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site that can be used to post a detailed resume and connect with other freelancers, clients and writers. This helps clients to locate a freelancer, read about their expertise and experiences, and connect both writers and clients.

Online forums and blogs are also strong social media tools for promoting a freelance writer and finding new work. Spending time each week on these social media sites could easily improve both business and profits.

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