Friedrich Finer Public Administration Essay

Friedrich Finer Public Administration Essay

… promise of a better future was carried to the public with the promise of “A Chicken in every pot.” The New Deal targeted three major reforms to bring to the American populace. His administration promised

1. Relief for those hardest hit by the depression
2. Recovery for the nations economy
3. Reform, political, economic, and social, to prevent another depression.
It was under President Roosveelt that the …

… page 39 Nash).” As George Nash points out, “The subject of Weaver’s book was nothing less than the dissolution of the West (Nash, 38).” Weavers book addressed, and attacked much of the public policy that had become law in the post New Deal economy. Weaver states, “The denial of everything transcending experience, means inevitably… the denial of truth. With the denial of objective truth there is …

… movement?
Burnham page 88 Nash, The New Leader perhaps the most important anti-Communist magazine in the country.
The revolt of the libertarians – had perhaps the greatest impact on the youth conservative movement
Friedrich Hayek, an Austrian economist, played an important role in providing “intellectual sustenance” to the American Right in the 1940’s from abroad. In his 1944 work, The Road to Serfdom, Hayek – attacking Leftist/ …

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