Fries And Crapo Essay Sample

Fries And Crapo Essay Sample

… tasks in a specific length of time. Most of the employees moved rather quickly and had obviously done this sort of thing, being serving and preparing the same meals, many times.
I also made some notes about how many machines were used to prepare certain items, such as French fries and drinks. Some of these machines included a microwave oven and, of course, the soda dispenser that was in the dining area. Instead of the employees filling the cup with soda, I was given an empty cup and had to fill it myself. This surely was designed to save time …

… than the franchises which gave it a more homely atmosphere.
In conclusion, since the franchises have been in business far longer than the independently-owned restaurant ( I asked the manager how long the restaurant had been in business), and since the franchises employ more high-tech means for preparing and delivering the orders, the amount of money save and earned by the franchises will far
exceed those of the restaurant; however, service and reliability as to the quality of the food remains higher than at the franchises.

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