Fta Business Essay Example

Fta Business Essay Example

… , an economic analyst with the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce. However, he warns that, as Arab countries move to meet their WTO obligations, lowering trade and investment barriers, their governments and business leaders “must understand the dynamics and rules of WTO accession,” and what it means from a business point of view.”

With entry into WTO, Jordan proved that it was willing to follow international trade regulations and thus signed Free Trade Agreement with the United States in October 2000, which came into effect a year later in December 2001. This agreement is meant to create free trade zone …

… problems and offer appropriate solutions. Environment provisions hold a pivotal place in the agreement as “[they represent] both an important step forward and only a small step toward our ultimate goal of making workers` rights and environmental protections an integral part of universally applied international trade rules.” (Sweeney, 2001)

FTA is not the only agreement signed by Jordan to strengthen and liberalize its economy. Liberalization of trade has become of the most important issue on the political agenda and Jordan is making every possible attempt to engage in free trade with western countries. In 1997, it signed, EU-Jordan Association …

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