Functionalism Theory On Substance Abuse Essay Example

Functionalism Theory On Substance Abuse Essay Example

… basis of this theory, criminality is largely the result of and influenced by the place that women find themselves in within the social structure, the occupational sphere and the personal/family sphere. This theory, according to Simon and Landis, places extensive importance on the occupational sphere and suggests that as the employment patterns of men and women become similar, so too will their patterns of employment related …

… it difficult to engage in non-criminal behaviors while attempting to cope with the demands of adult. In a study conducted by Pollack-Byrne (1990), an association was found between female criminalization and abuse, further suggesting the relevance of considering abuse as it impacts the long-term behaviors of women.

Research Hypotheses
The research hypotheses to be investigated within the study include:
Null Hypothesis 1: There are …

… have specialized substance abuse needs. While the drug offense by women increased significantly in the 1990s, as noted in the report by the Bureau of Justice, the proportion of female offenders who are substance abusers have increased dramatically. In 1994, approximately 67 percent of females arrested tested positive for drugs, with female arrestees more likely to abuse cocaine and opiates, while male arrestees
are more likely to …

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